Thing 1

You know when you try and ‘wing-it’, and then your conscience gets the better of you? Well, that’s how doing Thing 1 felt. At first, I think I watched the ‘How to take part’ video and signed up for the mailing list. But as I attempted to proceed to Thing 2 I struggled, and I began to wonder whether what I had ignored in Thing 1 was somehow necessary for me to cruise through Thing 2. I also thought that I might be short-changing no-one but myself really if I did not go through the content of Thing 1 and enjoy working with it, rather than think of it as a set of tasks. Whenever a human activity is turned into a task it loses a bit of its spiritual (for want of a better word) appeal – in other words, utilitarianism sounds great, but…

So, onto the FAQs, and a bit of curiosity kicked-in. LILAC led me to CPD23 and the revelation that 23 Things is an indeterminate thought for the sake of thought – the kind of thought I really like! For how else would you describe something that is ‘self-directed’ to help you develop from being qualified in nothing into ‘something else’, with the option of still being qualified in nothing at the end? It seems to me that the only pre-requisite for doing 23 Things is that one merely exists! And there, I was thrown straight back into my existential flux which I thought I had left behind. (You might have gathered by now that I take Cogito ergo sum very seriously!).

All of that, and I am not passed the first FAQ! Time to give my guilt feelings – about not reading everything in Thing 1 – a wee break, I think. After all, I am not after a qualification, and I have no idea what I might turn into at the end of 23 Things. All I know is that by the end I will be ‘something else’ which suggests infinite possibilities. Not only would it be futile (and a touch presumptuous I hasten to add) of me to try and foretell which ‘else’ I shall become, but it would also be, well, utilitarian. And we have already established that utilitarianism isn’t all it’s made out to be, haven’t we?

23 Things

One of those things …

It all seemed easy at first – how difficult can it be to do a thing or two in a website, especially if one has good experience in the provision of online education?

Thing 1 wasn’t too difficult, I must say. I did toy with the idea of a ‘Thing Zero’ post, but after some reflection on what a ‘thing zero’ could ever be, I found myself gravitating towards an existentialist flux that was better left for later on to deal with. Blogging does feel a bit, well, strange. I am not averse to using social media, but somehow a blog feels more personal.

Obviously, this post demonstrates that I have already managed a thing or two here that I can talk about. I aim, therefore, to post on each of the 23 things. But for now I ought to confess that although this post might look good enough or even ‘just fine’, I have some issues with working and navigating WordPress. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but it feels as if we haven’t clicked yet. It’s just one of those things … I guess.